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VACANCY / Project Manager * Freelance, home-based role *  

15 May 2019

SciMed is currently seeking a freelance Project Manager to support the Project Directors in successfully delivering client projects. You will be responsible for leading the internal workflow and working with various stakeholders to manage projects from inception to completion. Main responsibilities Manage all aspects of assigned projects from an operational and financial perspective, ensuring successful […]

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AML, Pre-leukaemic Clones and Precognition

10 Aug 2018

Dr Chris Pallister, Managing Director of SciMed Consulting, offers his interpretation of two recent publications that provide an insight into how gene sequencing could be used to identify individuals at higher risk of developing AML, and could also predict which post-remission AML patients are most likely to relapse.  The role of non-random somatic mutations present […]

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Is Cancer Chemotherapy Headed for Redundancy?

25 Jun 2018

It feels like we have been anticipating the transformational impact of #PrecisionMedicine on cancer treatment. During that time, the definitions and ambitions have evolved but the promise has remained largely unfulfilled. Are we now seeing the start of the revolution that may push non-specific cancer chemotherapy into redundancy? Three reports from ASCO 2018 that question the […]

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The Long, Winding Road to Precision Medicine in AML

10 May 2018

It is now almost six years since Drs Sekeres and Steensma ruefully described acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) as “the Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, reflecting the catalogue of failed attempts to develop novel treatments for this intractable disease. While the treatment of many other cancers has been transformed by targeted medicines, AML has stubbornly refused to yield, […]

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The Future of Myeloma Diagnosis?

26 Apr 2018

The University of Kansas announced earlier this month that a key research effort has resulted in a chip-based blood test for multiple myeloma which could make bone biopsies a thing of the past by using a simple blood draw instead. We think this offers an interesting – and welcome – indicator of future approaches. The treatment […]

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Keeping Up to Date with the Ever-Changing Face of Cancer Treatment

28 Nov 2017

The recent news that KymriahTM (tisagenecleucel) has become the first chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a powerful reminder of the growing importance of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer. But while groundbreaking immunotherapy treatments like KymriahTM offer hope to patients with what […]

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